Flowering Tea Blooms (Teacup Version)

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These flowering compositions not only taste amazing but thanks to the 100% natural herbs packed with antioxidants, they will also help settle your nervous system and relax your digestive system. Whether you're stressed or tense, our tea booms, will offer your soul harmony through its amazing visual charm. Prepare to immerse yourself or a loved one in awe, as the beautiful, tasty tea blossoms begin to unravel before your eyes. You will feel as if you are sitting in the fragrant garden where our fragrant flowers are handpicked.


  • A selection of 9 hand-wrapped dragon pearl teas, each contains  4 purely delightful flavors including rose, yellow chrysanthemum, jasmine and lily. 
  • Picked and sealed at the peak of freshness. Each dragon pearl is individually in foil to protect its freshness. No artificial colors and preservatives were added.
  • Each tea bloom is about 0.1 oz which is perfect for a 10-12 oz clear teacup

Drinking Guide

What's in the Cup

The flowers we selected in this set were grown in a pure farm underneath the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain on Yunnan Plateau, Southwest China. These flowers are grown in an environmentally sustainable way. People adore these flowers for the loveliness or as personal adornment, but, based in Chinese Traditional Medicine, they also work in the harmony with your body in many ways. This caffeine-free beverage is a great source of antioxidants, which help fight free radicals and reduce oxidative damage.


Jasmine Petal Tea

Jasmine petal tea contains the vitamins needed to boost your cardiovascular and immune systems.


Lily Flower Tea

Hibiscus tea An ingredient found in many high-end beauty products. It also firms the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.  lily flower tea is also ideal for blending with black teas for added floral taste.


Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea has been used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine mainly to treat respiratory problems.


Rose Petal Tea

Rose petals are a very rich source of vitamin A, C and E which can help hydrate and tighten the skin.

Drinking Guide 

This tea boom is perfect for a clear 12 oz teacup. It takes 4 steps to brew a perfect pot of tea boom. First, put the tea boom in the empty cup. Second, fill the pot with 8-10 oz of boilded water. Third, wait for 1 to 2 minutes to see the full bloom of the flower tea. Four, enjoy^^. 




1 pearl, 10 oz of boiled water


1-2 minutes and full bloom


Enjoy ^^

We recommend increasing the steep time 15 seconds or so for each steep. Adjust the time using your own preference of tea strength.

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