DIY Herbal Blend: Goddess Tea Blend

DIY Herbal Blend: Goddess Tea Blend

Here are a few of my favorite common herbs to give you some ideas on your path to becoming a tea blending guru!

Ginger: digestive issues, nausea, colds, immune booster, improves diabetes, reduces inflammation

Chamomile: helps prevent illness, helps heal bacterial infections, calms muscle spasms including menstrual and digestive cramps, soothes the nervous system for decreased feelings of anxiety and improved sleep, promotes clear skin

Rose Buds: flushes toxins from body, immune booster, improves digestion and blood flow, improves skin elasticity, helps with menstrual cramping and stress

Peppermint: fever reducer, soothes nausea and stomach pain, opens airways, appetite suppressant, stimulates the mind

Elderberry: immune booster, contains fiber for gut health, heart health, improves and prevents diabetes, reduces joint pain, slows aging of skin

Raspberry Leaf: amazing for women, uterine tonic, antioxidant, protects against cancer, improves circulation

Hibiscus: blood pressure management, liver protection, lowers cholesterol, thirst quenching, can help with weight loss, tastes amazing!

Echinacea: immune booster, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, mental health, improves skin, fights infection

Lemongrass: cleansing and detoxifying, can reduce arthritis pain, antimicrobial, antioxidants


If you want to create blends that you can premix and keep on your shelves you’ll want to use all dried herbs for each ingredient. Some of these herbs can be used fresh, you just won’t be able to save them.



A goddess inspired floral fusion! Package this one in a mason jar and tie it up with a big pink bow before gifting it to your bestie. Include:

  • rose buds
  • chamomile
  • red raspberry leaf
  • orange peel
  • hibiscus
  • honey or stevia (optional)

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